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Less has chosen to sell Gold Standard-certified emission reductions (CERs) and VER+ Standard-certified Canadian based offsets, the highest quality offsets available internationally and in Canada.

Here are a few of our featured projects.

Gold Standard-certified
international projects

Featured Project: Sri Balaji Renewable Power Plant
The Sri Balaji Renewable Power plant is a 6 MW Biomass Power Plant located in Chennur Village, Andhra Pradesh, India. The project uses agricultural plant waste from the surrounding area including rice and cotton husks, to generate electricity. By replacing coal-fired electricity, the project saves roughly 30 000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, along with hundreds of tons of other pollutants. The project also generates local employment opportunities and has contributed to local health and education initiatives. In addition local farmers are able to gain income through the commercial value of the crop waste.

Project Design Document, Validation & Verification Reports
Less Project Methodology

VER+ Standard-certified Canadian project

Featured Project: FRSWC's Landfill Gas Management System
FRSWC's Landfill Gas Management SystemFredericton Region Solid Waste Commission's (FRSWC) Landfill Gas Management System (LGMS) is designed to significantly reduce greenhouse gases created by landfill waste. The FRSWC collects between 75,000 and 80,000 tonnes of garbage annually. By voluntarily capturing and flaring the landfill gas emitted by the waste, the LGMS is able to eliminate approximately 45,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere each year—emissions that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. The project helps to create local jobs: there are more than 50 employees at the FRSWC site on Alison Blvd in Fredericton.

Project Design Document, Validation and Verification Reports
FRSWC LGMS press release

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