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Less Emissions Inc.
Less, the highest quality of carbon offset program in Canada

Less is committed to providing a credible and meaningful solution to businesses and individuals interested in Lessening their environmental impact.

Less offers:

Gold Standard offsets derived from international projects meeting the Gold Standard Foundation's sustainable development criteria, as endorsed by leading environmental groups including WWF International.

Canadian offsets sourced from projects that have achieved certification under the VER+ Standard, a globally recognized standard for voluntary GHG emissions reductions projects.

Find out more about the Less difference.lessen your enironmental impact

Offsetting is an imperfect answer to a complicated—and urgent—problem: global climate change. Our approach is to provide the highest quality offsets available in Canada to organizations and individuals who understand that offsetting is a last resort in a three-step process:
   Conserve where you can.Switch
    Switch to environmentally lower-
    impact alternatives for those
    products and services you must

    (By the way, Less is part of
    Bullfrog Power, which offers green
    energy solutions for homes
    and businesses.)
    Finally—for only those emissions
    that remain—consider offsets from
    a trusted source.

Less is ranked as the highest quality offset provider in Purchasing Carbon Offsets

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The 2016 Less audit is now available

The 2017 JUNO Awards Partner with Less Emissions Inc. to Offset Emissions!

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