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About Less

The Less Approach


Reduce your environmental impact through direct efforts to reduce energy consumption (e.g., limiting night lighting) and increase energy efficiency (e.g., lighting retrofits); reduce transportation-related emissions (e.g., implementing anti-idling policies for fleet vehicles, and choosing videoconferencing to connect remote employees rather than travelling by air).

Switch to green
For those products and services that must be consumed, select environmentally lower-impact alternatives where available. These could include green power for electricity requirements, green natural gas for your heating, green cleaning products, and FSC-certified paper.

When best efforts have been made in the preceding areas, offset only those unavoidable emissions that remain, for example, those associated with necesssary air travel or ground transportation.

Click here to download Doing Business in a New Climate: A Guide to Measuring, Reducing and Offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions by the David Suzuki Foundation


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