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Mills Office Productivity chooses Less Emissions Inc. to offset its fleet emissions

Mills Office Productivity purchases Canadian offsets as part of its Carbon-Free Delivery Program

VANCOUVER, December 18, 2012: Mills Office Productivity, a family owned office supplies distributor, is reducing its fleet emissions by purchasing Canadian carbon offsets from Less Emissions Inc., Canada’s highest quality offset provider. As part of Mills’ commitment to operating in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner, the initiative supports its Carbon-Free Delivery Program. Through this program, Mills has set out to reduce its carbon footprint and invest in new, environmentally friendly ways of delivering products.

The offsets Mills is purchasing through Less are sourced from the Fredericton Region Solid Waste Commission’s (FRSWC) Landfill Gas Management System, a facility designed to reduce greenhouse gases created by landfill waste. The FRSWC project has achieved certification under the VER+ Standard, an internationally recognized standard that follows the UN’s CDM methodologies. The project voluntarily captures and flares landfill gas emitted by waste, eliminating approximately 45,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent from the atmosphere each year—emissions that would have otherwise been released into the environment. Less was ranked as the highest quality offset provider in Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Businesses and Organizations, released in 2009 by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute.

“Mills Office Productivity is excited to offset the carbon emissions of our fleet vehicles through Less,” said Brad Mills, CEO, Mills Office Productivity. “Working with Less is an important part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, supporting Canadian environmental projects and increasing awareness of climate change.”

Mills Office Productivity’s Carbon-Free Delivery Program combines emissions-free delivery methods, such as its electric vehicle and delivery tricycles, with Less’ Canada-based carbon offsets for its remaining fleet emissions. In addition, Mills asks its customers to reduce deliveries where possible and has implemented closed-loop packaging whereby products are delivered and/or returned in re-usable containers.

“We’re pleased that Mills Office Productivity has chosen to offset its remaining delivery-related carbon emissions through Less as part of its Carbon-Free Delivery Program,” said Ron Seftel, Director, Less. “Mills is demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental action through its existing social responsibility mission and by taking steps to mitigate emissions from its delivery vehicles.”


About Less
Less is Canada’s only provider of an EcoLogoM-certified carbon offset program for businesses and individuals interested in lessening their environmental impact. In addition, Less was ranked as the highest quality offset provider in Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Businesses and Organizations, released in 2009 by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute.

Less provides high-quality offsets sourced from Gold Standard certified projects, a globally recognized carbon offset certification standard, and VER+-certified projects, an equivalent Kyoto Protocol-based offset standard. In conjunction with conservation and switching to environmentally low-impact products and services, offsetting with trusted, verifiably additional offsets from Less can allow homes and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, support sustainable development initiatives, and leave a lighter impact on the earth. Less is a trademark of Less Emissions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bullfrog Power Inc., a Certified B Corporation. Unlike traditional corporations, Certified B Corporations are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment.

About Mills Office Productivity
Locally owned and operated, Mills has been supplying the Lower Mainland with office supplies and printing services since 1949. A family owned business, Mills is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and community based programs in the Downtown Eastside.


Contact Less Emissions Inc.
Jonathan McKay
Manager, Public Relations
Tel: 416.360.3464 ext 239
Email: jon.mckay@less.ca

Contact Mills Office Productivity
Michelle Reid
Director of Marketing
Tel: 604.215.6439
Email: mreid@mills.ca

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