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The Less Approach

At Less, we recognize that offsetting is an imperfect solution to the complex issue of climate change. Along with environmental groups like WWF, we stress that offsetting should be a last resort only. When reducing your environmental impact, Less advises a three-step approach:


Switch to Green

Switch to Green

Reduce, conserve and be more efficient.

For those products and services you use, switch to green, more environmentally friendly alternatives. When it comes to your energy needs, Less' parent company, Bullfrog Power, offers easy, affordable ways to choose green electricity, green natural gas and now green transportation fuel.

For t​hose emissions you can't reduce or eliminate — your air travel-related emissions — count on Less to offset them. For more on The Less Approach, click here.

Lessen your company's shipping emissions

Shipping causes approximately 3.1% of the world's carbon emissions. With Less Emissions, you can still send your customers the goods they want and need — without increasing your carbon footprint.

By offsetting your company's shipping, you'll support quality emissions reduction projects and show your customers that you're doing the right thing for the planet.

What We Do

We provide an easy way to lessen the impact of your travel on the environment

Less offers:

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Gold Standard offsets derived from international projects meeting the Gold Standard Foundation's sustainable development criteria, as well as the UN's Clean Development Mechanism protocols. These offsets are endorsed by leading environmental groups, including WWF International. > learn more

Canadian offsets sourced from projects that have achieved certification under the ISO 14064-3 Standard or other globally recognized standards for voluntary GHG emissions reductions projects. > learn more

Our customers have offset more than 130,000 tonnes of carbon.

Flights offset

Projects supported

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Less is ranked as the highest quality offset provider in Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Business and Organizations released by the David Suzuki Foundation and the Pembina Institute.

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New project added!

The latest from Less

New project added! Vietstar Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant
In many Vietnamese communities, organic waste is sent to landfill because there are no adequate composting facilities nearby. When organic matter decomposes in landfill, it produces landfill gas (LFG), which is approximately 50% carbon dioxide and 50% methane. Both of these gases trap heat in the atmosphere, worsening the greenhouse effect. Read more
The latest Less audit is now available
To download a copy of the audit, click: 2021 Less Audit
Air Canada chooses Less Emissions Inc. as its new offset provider
Less Emissions Inc., Canada's highest quality offset provider, and Air Canada are announcing a new partnership to offer the highest quality carbon offsets to individuals and organizations looking to reduce the environmental impact of their flights. Through Less, Air Canada customers can calculate and purchase offsets to help mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their air travel. Read more